Sunday, May 28, 2017

Speakster App

May 28, 2017
Speakster is a social network for voice messages. Instead of writing down your thoughts in writing and sharing them with friends, groups, or the community, you simply tell what's up to you.

So that people at a community post know what the topic of your voice message is, you can provide these with appropriate hashtags. Gerade for  speech is the social network once a change to the otherwise strongly text-focused everyday life on the Internet. The app for Android (from 4.4) and iOS (from 8.0) is available free of charge in the respective App Store.

Speakster Features :

  • Share your voice messages with your friends or the entire Speakster community
  • Hashtag feature to determine the topic of your voice message
  • To assign specific Speakster users to your voice message, you can highlight them
  • Level system: The higher your Speakster level, the longer the maximum voice mail
  • Spoken bio: Your profile can also be discussed

Candy Crush Soda Saga

May 28, 2017
Candy Crush Soda Saga is the latest addition to King's Match 3 search games. This time again sweets have to be moved - this time there are more sweets.

Candy Crush Soda Saga for iPhone and Android

Recently, there is now the official Candy Crush successor. The creativity of King, however, was not very creative: Candy Crush Soda Saga. Bids are more of the same. This is basically enough, Candy Crush or the Match 3 principle is a drug that is only too quickly addictive. The app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.
Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga Latest Version :  

  • 140 new levels
  • New sweets
  • New gameplay mechanisms
  • New combinations
  • New graphics and new environments
  • Synchronization between devices
  • Still annoying: Leaderboards connect with Facebook ahead and the in-app purchases are so impertinently expensive, that one really does not have the mouth any more.
You have not played the old Candy Crush Saga yet? Then it's time: Even the original version is extremely addictive. However, one must learn to pay attention to his purse, the in-app purchases in Candy Crush Saga are numerous and extremely expensive.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

4sharéd mp3 Player

May 27, 2017
4sharéd mp3 Player is one of the best android mp3 player online. Play music with great quality. Easily play music in many formats 4sharéd mp3 is the coolest mp3 player online.
Are you looking for a reasonable Android music player for your device? Possibly the appropriate app is indeed among the Music-Player-Apps, which we introduce below.

Even if each Android smartphone has its own music player,but you can use 4sharéd mp3 simultaneously with original mp3 player the range of functions is not enough. If you want to edit and modify music files on the go, adjust equalizer, or make other changes to music playback, you can search for alternatives in the depths of the Google Play Store . The best three Android music play we want to introduce you in the following article and show what these can do so.
4sharéd mp3
4shared Mp3 Player

4sharéd mp3 Player Features:

On 4sharéd mp3 Player is one of the most powerful music player for Android. In addition to various possibilities for playing music, 4shared Mp3 Player offers many other great features, which would be:

  • Supported formats: mp3, mp4 / m4a (including alac), ogg, wma *, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff
  • 10-band graphic equalizer + presets and custom presets
  • Separate bass and treble adjustment
  • Stereo eXpansion, mono mixing, balance
  • crossfade
  • Uninterrupted playback
  • Playback enhancement
  • Dynamic queue
  • Lyrics and music lyrics
  • Support for embedded and standalone cue files
  • Supported playlists: m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl
  • OpenGL-based animations of album cover
  • Download missing album covers
  • 4 configurable widgets
  • Configurable screen lock with optional direct unlock
  • Supports headsets, automatic continuation when connected via headset and / or Bluetooth
  • Scrobbling
  • Tag Editor
  • Visual skins, including support for external / third-party skins
  • Fast scan of the music library
  • Very individually configurable by means of the settings

Anime (Animeid)

May 27, 2017
What is Anime (Animeid) ?
Anime (Animeid)  is initially an abbreviation of the term "animation"  and defines Japanese cartoon films of a certain kind, especially in western countries. In Japan, on the other hand, the term "anime" stands for all types of cartoon films. It does not matter whether they were actually produced in Japan or imported only.

The Japan wave has long since reached our continent and everyone has already a fixed picture on the subject of Anime (Animeid) or even J-Culture in the head. But not every picture is right! Here you can find a little insight into the artful and exciting world of Japanese animation culture (Anime).

As mentioned above, anime is particularly due to their image language. High-powered heads are used to present moments of greatest embarrassment, someone is particularly angry, often increases his body size. Welding drops in the temples often show embarrassment and so on and so on.

But this type of clear language is used only in Anime (Animeid) which appeals to a younger audience (Pokemon, Digimon, Hamtaro, etc.).

Anime (Animeid) for the older audience such as Armitage III, X (film and series), Akira and Princess Mononoke completely abandon such an image language to get close to reality in their own way. Such films are nothing to be desired by Hollywood productions in quality and excitement!
Anime (Animeid)

Anime is an integral part of the Japanese cultural heritage. The meaning of the Anime (Animeid) in Japan can be seen in the fact that the three (until 2003) most successful cinema films in Japan are anime: Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke, Princess Mononoke), Pokémon: The film and Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (English: Spirited Away, Chihiro's journey into the magic land).

About the oversized eyes that are so typical of most anime, there are various rumors. Many say that in Japan they are regarded as a beauty ideals, others say that this is simply a character style that has prevailed. Finally, the typical anime originates historically from the manga, i. The Japanese comic strip.

Meaning of Anime (Animeid) in Japan

Anime has been an integral part of the Japanese cultural heritage since its advent in the 1960s. Not for nothing are three of the most successful Kinofilme in Japan Animes! "Mononoke Hime", "Pokémon: The Movie" and "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" (English: "Spirited Away" "Chihiro's journey into the magic land") were as successful as "Titanic" or "Terminator" in Western countries in Japan. The last mentioned title even won an Oscar in the category "Best Animated Feature" in 2003 and absolutely deserved!

Pornographic anime ("Hentai"), contrary to the unfortunately very widespread opinion in western countries, only a tiny part of the Japanese buying video market out, in the cinema they are not shown in Japan even at all. The actual proportion of such bizarre sex anime is even only 5 percent. If you now consider how many German productions fall into the range erotic to porn, one should think of such prejudices rather once.

Movies, series, OVA?
Most series have 13, 26 or 52 episodes. This means that a broadcasting period of a quarter, half or full year can be covered with a weekly broadcast on the TV. Another difference to Western productions is also that anime series are not produced as "endless series", but always pursue an action that ends at some point, although especially manga filming often come to far more than 100 episodes!

There are of course also large-scale cinema films (as described above also very successful) and the so-called "original video animation", in short "OVA". These are productions, which were made especially for the purchase video and DVD market. The target group are usually young adults, therefore the contents are usually provided with a lot of fanservice (Merchandise etc.).

Anime (Animeid) & Manga?

Animes and mangas have been closely linked since their origin. Many films and series are based on successful manga (for example "Akira", "Ghost in the Shell", "Rurouni Kenshin"). However, there is often the opposite case, where a manga has been drawn (for example, "Neon Genesis Evangelion", "Tenchi Muyo!") After a very successful film or an OVA or series.

Sometimes the manga is not redrawn, but composed of individual images of the Anime (Animeid) and speech bubbles, which is called "Anime (Animeid)comic" (for example, "Oh! My Goddess" or "Card Captor Sakura").

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bus-Simulator 2015 Features, Review

May 25, 2017
We happen to know that the bus simulator is one of the most popular games in the field of occupational stimulation. For all fans of the prestigious series around travel, line, swing, tour and double decker bus this year however is called: Handy raus. The bus simulator 2015 is a mobile app for Android and iOS.

It is not the official app to the series of bus simulators from astragon. Apart from astragon, the 2015 version, which has become astonishingly pretty, has thought that they would like to cede the name rights once.
Instead, the bus simulator 2015 or Bus Driving 2015 from Ovidiu Pop, which have already developed other simulations, comes. The game itself is free, but has - almost logical way - about in-app purchase options.

Bus simulator 2015 features

  • The bus simulator 2015 includes several realistic replicas of the cities of Rome, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles and others. In addition, you should be in the icy Alaska the seat heating of your bus
  • Master the routes with 15 different bus types
  • Drive properly, because the damage model has an eye on the bus thrown
  • Intelligent transport system
  • Animated passengers with specific wishes
  • Various weather conditions in outdoor driving mode
  • Detailed interior equipment with button to open / close doors, steering wheel, rocker arm and more
  • Online ranking
Of course, the gameplay has turned out to be more minimalist than in the PC version, but this is also easily attributed to the possibilities on the smartphone and tablet.

PicsArt - PhotoStudio: One of the best image editing apps for Android

May 25, 2017
Anyone who owns a current smartphone can communicate not only with other people, but can also take wonderful pictures and edit them directly on the device. One of the best apps for this purpose from the Play Store is called PicsArt - PhotoStudio. But what can it do and how does PicsArt work?

Smartphones are normally already equipped with a simple image processing program, but the functionality is usually rather small. If you would like to get more from his pictures, but luckily finds in the Play Store still a lot of additional apps, more functions and which are also free.

PicsArt - Photo Studio: The features

PicsArt - PhotoStudio
PicsArt is basically much more than "just" an image processing program, because it also focuses on a large community of photo-creators and friends with whom their own pictures can be shared. But what else does PicsArt actually offer anything else that the app is so popular?


PicsArt filters and functions

The PicsArt app is free and provides a wealth of practical tools for hobby photographers. The most important functions at a glance:
  • Free image processing
  • Collages can be created with the help of various photorasters or free.
  • The app is divided into different areas, which in turn offer numerous functions. These area are: PicsArt Effect, PicsArt Collage, PicsArt Drawing, PicsArt Camera and PicsArt Photo.
  • You can insert speech bubbles and texts in the photos.
  • Of course, basic options such as brightness, contrast, and other corrections are included.
  • Your photos can be edited with masks, picture frames, stickers, text effects and boxes, clipart, color settings, screen effects, stencils and much more.
  • Among the most important functions are the red eye remover and the other correction tools for the face, with which you can soften or blemish remove.
  • Numerous effects and filters are available. These include blur, artistic, oil paintings, pop art, distort, colors, and corrections, all of which are equipped with numerous templates.
  • You can crop, rotate, and adjust images with other tools. New is the stretch effect, with which images can be distorted.
  • Thanks to the PicsArt Artist network, you can share your pictures with a large community, and you can also send your pictures directly from the app via SMS, W-Mail etc.
  • Creation of own galleries.
  • Weekly photo contests (also available through the official website). If you want to participate, you can submit your photos of the week with the hashtag: #wapSketchPortrait.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Terraria: digging, fighting, discovering, building

May 22, 2017
You can play retro-style sandbox games, where you can let your creativity run wild. Then check out the game Terraria.

In the adventure game Terraria of the developer 505 Games, you go on a journey through different parts of the world to the end of the world. You have to go on a journey, go against monsters, dig yourself in the underworld and build the most different things. For a long time the game was only available for PC, but now you can also push your Android device into the big world.

You can equip your character with new weapons and armor made by yourself with collected materials. And of course there is much more to discover.

Terraria: The features

  • Over 200 craft recipes to craft weapons, armor, potions and more
  • Over 25 different block types that can be used to build objects
  • More than 75 different monsters and 5 monsters to defeat
  • Over a dozen environments that want to be explored
  • Exclusive for Android, there is a pet that you can search and conjure
  • Dynamic water and lava effects,
  • Up to four players can compete or compete in Terraria side-by-side (via Wi-Fi)
  • Google Play Game Services Bestlists and achievements
  • The whole is presented in a beautiful 8-bit style and should be particularly interesting for friends of past days.

If you want to get a first impression of the game, you can download the demo version of Terraria. However, the gameplay is reduced to the tutorial world, and progress can not be saved. If you like the game, you can buy the full version for 3.80 Euro in the Play Store.

Comment or Share if you like this game and tell us about your experience.