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DiskDigger is an application that will enable us to recover photos that we thought were lost from our Android terminal. Regardless of whether we erase them coincidentally, or on the off chance that we lose them while deleting an application, we can recover them and store them again in the memory of our Android terminal. Using DiskDigger Pro is exceptionally basic: we should pick the segment of our Android terminal from which we need to endeavor to recover photos, and press the 'sweep' catch. This procedure can last from a couple of moments to a few minutes, contingent upon the measure of the segment. Obviously, as the examination advances, we can perceive what photos the application finds.

Damn, all gone! The SD card is no longer recognized and no backup is available. So what can you do?DiskDigger Pro The walk to the pro is a possibility, but it can be quite expensive to have its SD card repaired - we show how to restore the SD card with free programs and repair data.Annoying - the smartphone or PC reported that the memory card is no longer recognized, and there are a lot of memories on it, in addition to videos and photos Whatsapp histories and documents, which may no longer backup. Luckily, there are free software projects like CGSecurity that can reliably save data from the SD card.If you want to save your SD card, there are different apps for it.DiskDigger  Photo Recovery With some you can also have your SD card repaired for free. But before you use a free program to format your  SD card  and restore data such as music, PDFs, and photos, you should first keep a cool head. First, try if the card works in other devices, such as a digital camera. 

Feature of Diskdigger APK

  • Keep calm, do not "rumfumeln"
  • Repair SD card with TestDisk
  • Save Data with PhotoRec
  • DiskDigger Pro app and PC version
  • Repair SD card on Mac
  • Have SD card repaired: prices and information
  • Prevent data loss

Restore SD card: keep calm, do not fumble

The worst case scenario is overwriting the SD card . While it is possible for magnetic storage media such as the hard disk to make data already deleted (for example by formatting) readable again, the data is lost in an SD card by re-allocation. That's why DiskDigger Pro the first step to successful recovery is to keep calm.

Repair SD card with TestDisk

The two tools of CGSecurity,  DiskDigger  APK Pro Testdisk and PhotoRec , are very powerful programs that can be used to recover partitions and then read every single data sector on the memory card. If it is already not possible to access the broken memory card with TestDisk, then the chances of a recovery are very poor. Only the transition to the professional helps and that can - as already mentioned - become expensive.

In this gallery you will see step by step how to save your data:


Text tutorial for TestDisk:

  1. First, connect the SD card to a memory card reader. There are corresponding adapters for MicroSD cards.
  2. Starts TestDisk.
  3. After confirming the log, select the memory card - or the drive where it should be. SDA is the first storage medium, in my example my Windows hard drive. SDB is the second storage medium, here an external hard drive, which keeps as saving memory card ago.
  4. After selecting the Intel / PC partitiontable, which will also be the case with a memory card, let's analyze it.
  5. If everything works as it should, the partition will be highlighted in green and you can continue by confirming with the Enter key.

If that does not work, then you should contact a tech savvy person of choice to restore a storage medium with a broken partition stand requires a certain amount of expertise. For the recovery of hard disks and partitions read our test disk instructions .

Restore SD card: save data with PhotoRec

After TestDisk, PhotoRec  continues to help . PhotoRec reads every single sector and can therefore recover any written piece of data. Again, we select, here in the example SDB, the memory card. Select the no partition option to read the full memory card. The option menu (below) can be selected using the arrow keys. With the setting Yesfor Keep corrupted files , all data, regardless of whether it is readable or unreadable, is backed up. Then it can start - the file system is Other , since normally memory cards with FAT A2SD + also works with ext3 / 4 partitions. Now the memory location for all data is determined and the memory card is completely read out.

Image Gallery Restore SD Card: PhotoRec

Data that is not read now - or will not be restored - will likely be deleted forever. It is always advisable to make a backup of the memory card at regular intervals , so you have at least the majority of its data safe in case of cases.

DiskDigger app APK Deference Between PC version

With DiskDigger  you can scan your memory card connected to the PC with a card reader and search for files. You can then select the found photos and other files and click on "Recover selected files". Select the location and finally click on "OK". Note at the 
location: Does not select the original on the card, because the error could occur again at the defective SD.

If you want to repair your SD card with a free app, you also have a variant of DiskDigger available.  DiskDigger Pro You can recover files in the formats JPG, PNG, MP4 and 3GP for free.

We recommend the PC version, as you can save in a smartphone without root only the preview images with low resolution. Alternatives to saving the data on the SD card are the programs Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition , Android Data Recovery  or  PC Inspector File Recovery .

In the following video we show you how to save  not only the data of a defective SD card with the software Recuva , but also recover deleted files:

DiskDigger Photo Recovery Repair SD card on Mac

Many of the programs are also available for iOS systems for free. For example, with Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free you can restore the data on your map. You put the memory card in the Mac and run the program. Select the memory card and then the data to be saved, similar to the one described above.

Have SD card repaired: prices and information

Do not you dare to put your hand to the technique yourself, you can consult an expert and have the SD card repaired.  DiskDigger Pro Depending on the size of the memory, the cause of the problem and also which data should be saved, the prices for this service vary considerably. A professional recovery of your photos, videos and other data is unfortunately not free. And also offers for well under 100 euros are rather with caution to enjoy.

  • If there is damage to the file system (resolved files or SD card can not be opened), this can cost on average 300 euros.
  • If the hardware is damaged, for example, the card does not start or makes strange noises, 500 Euro may be due.

Important: If you are looking for a repair service, pay attention to a free advance diagnosis and a binding and transparent price information. Compare the customer reviews and make sure that supposedly cheap lock offers expensive extra costs.

Recoverfab has made a serious impression  , from which various users  report positive . If you send in your storage medium there, the costs start at 98 euros for a 2GB memory card with private data.

Do not save your data again on the defective storage medium, but put you a new SD card. We tell you in the deposited link, what  you should pay attention to the SD card purchase .

The best deals for SD cards you can see here:

Prevent data loss

To avoid problems when the SD card is no longer detected, ideally you should create backups at regular intervals. How to do that with the backup copy before the emergency on Android, you read in our article:  Android: Backup without Root - The on-board tools . If the error message "SD card has been removed unexpectedly" appears, DiskDigger  Photo Recovery have tips for you on how to copy and check your SD card to the computer and then format the memory card .

If the memory card works again writable in the phone, then inevitably new data is written to the memory card - and then the files that were previously in the place, finally deleted. In the best case, after the memory card is unreadable, it will be removed from the phone until it can be connected to a PC.

DiskDigger  Photo Recovery first data sectors of the memory card are corrupt - and this is where important information about the memory card, such as the index and partition information, is located. It is particularly annoying when you fall back on A2SD + and all app data is lost. In A2SD + is partitioned part of the memory card so that it can act as an internal memory for apps and their data.

A little note : The programs used here, TestDisk and PhotoRec , work without a visual interface in order to remain as compatible as possible. You should not be put off by that, with rest and patience, hopefully everything can be restored.

Posted on: 2017-12-11 08:25:52
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