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E-Wallet by BudgetBakers is a financial management application that will allow us to take full control over our finances. And what is better, will allow us to do it in the most comfortable and simple way possible. The reason? The application has the support of more than 4000 different banks, so all our movements will be perfectly registered. 

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Another key point of E- Wallet by BudgetBakers is its exquisite interface. Thanks to it we can see all our monetary movements at a single glance: rental expenses, car expenses, purchase expenses, etcetera. In the same way, we can see a very intuitive scheme with our income and our savings.

Another interesting feature of E-Wallet by BudgetBakers is the possibility of sharing specific accounts. Once we have our user account, we can share a specific account with another user, which is very good for friends, colleagues or family members. 

eWallet by BudgetBakers is an excellent financial management app. Its strengths: intuitive interface, integration with our current account and a wide range of benefits.

During the purchase, a special code tied to your card is read from your phone. Thus, the confidentiality of its data is guaranteed. To provide the card itself is no longer necessary. At the moment, the number of banks that work with Android Pay is very large. You can learn more about them in the application.

Android Payments Features


  • Track and analyze your purchases.
  • Save payment templates to switch between them.
  • NFC support is required on your phone.
  • The version of Android is not lower than 4.4.
  • The application does not support the OS with open root.
  • Use wherever contactless payment is accepted.
  • The security of your data is guaranteed by Google.
Posted on: 2018-01-18 07:07:31
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