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Firefox Clear is a special mobile browser, which is available for Android and iOS. It is distinguished by a higher level of privacy as it can block the activity tracking, advertising and unwanted content.

What can Firefox clear?


Firefox Clear for Android is a full-fledged browser, but the main focus is on the simple security of your privacy. In contrast to the "normal" Firefox for Android , this browser can not extend by add-ons or use links. Firefox Clear is something like a "one-way browser" . You start the app, enter an address and the page is loaded. If you are finished, tap the trash can icon and the entire surfing chronicle will be deleted - including all cookies, passwords or bookmarks. The next session starts again with a clean browser at zero.

Settings in Firefox Clear

Firefox Clearly, there are two main things: the browser displays web pages and blocks content that attacks our privacy. What is blocked and what comes through the locks can be set in the settings.

Since Firefox also blocks advertising, you can not access the pages of the "Bild-Zeitung". This can not be changed, since you are still blocked after deactivation of all blockages. But most display problems on pages with reasonable filters should not cause you any problems.

While surfing, you can always access a menu with the three points at the top right, which shows you the number of currently blocked chasers and in which you can disable the blockade at short notice. If you have a more permanent solution, then tap the settings in the same menu . The blockade of the advertising tracking , analysis tracking and tracing through social networks is already preset. You can still activate the rather nebulous "other content tracking" , which however, inter alia, videos or slideshows can affect the representation.


Posted on: 2017-12-11 21:32:36
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