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The Google Play Store is the central hub for downloading apps and games on Android. In addition, the Play Store also offers films, series, books, magazines, music and audio books in digital form. We explain how the Play Store was created and how to use it.

On October 22, 2008, the Android Market saw the light of the world and was designed to compete with Apple's App Store for the Android ecosystem. At that time the market included only software for Android devices, ie apps and games.


On March 7, 2012, the company was renamed to Play Store, from there on there were the services Google Play Music, Play Movies and Play Books. In the meantime, the play kiosk has joined these areas, in which German-language and international newspapers and magazines can be acquired in digital form. For a short time, the Play Store also offered hardware like the Nexus devices or the Google Chromeecast , now the hardware section has been outsourced and can be found in the Google Store .


Google Play Store: Android apps and games

The Play Store now offers over two million apps and games. If you want to browse, you can click through one of the 36 categories. Ranking lists show the top apps in the respective categories. In this case, Google makes a difference between free applications. These ranking lists are also available in the app and game overview pages. The range of apps and games can vary regionally because some services and applications are only available in certain countries.


Google Play Store: Movies and Series

Since August 2012 Google Play movies & series (originally Google Play Movies) can be used in Germany. The purchase of a film or series is possible as a rental version (usually 30 days until the first play, then 48 hours of rental time) or at the full price as a purchase version. The offered qualities are SD and HD. Movies as well as series can not only be streamed, but also can be stored offline on the mobile devices.


Google Play Music

Music is also available on the Google Play Store. As an option, individual songs (usually 1.29 Euros per track) or entire albums can be purchased. The offer is filtered by genres, top charts and new releases. A music flat rate à la Spotify allows the streaming of millions of songs and suggests a monthly rate of 9.99 euros. A family license for up to 6 persons costs 14.99 euros per month. All songs and albums can be listened to through the matching play music apps and through the website. In order to conserve data volumes, the tracks can also be downloaded on request in order to be able to listen to them offline.


Google Play Store: Books

In June 2012, Google launched Play Books (originally Google Play Books) in Germany. From then on, free and paid literature on the Play Store was available in the mobile and web version. The offer includes German as well as international e-books. Before you buy a book, you usually have the opportunity  to read a short extract sample.

Posted on: 2017-12-13 15:15:00
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