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Version: 3.3 Updated: 2017-12-10 19:53:35 Downloads: 16

"Hudway app is unimaginably cool for one unique reason: It really gives you a chance to see your bearings and course appropriate on your windshield" 

— USA Today 

"Hudway HUD device will remind you nothing not as much as a sci-fi motion picture that you observed as of late" 


"HUDWAY transforms your windshield into a stream warrior cockpit" 



This is a noteworthy update of our current HUDWAY app. We made it starting with no outside help and it was extensive work. We did a considerable measure of R&D on HUD interfaces to make it supportive and non-diverting. This adaptation sees a fresh out of the plastic new course perception, helpful excursion data gadgets, and bunches of valuable ride measurements in profile. 

HUDWAY encourages you drive more secure in mist, rain, overwhelming snow, in sunset and darkness. 

HUDWAY — GPS Navigation HUD Features

— Head-Up Display in any auto 

— Google and OpenStreetMap (OSM) accessible 

— Professional Voice Assistance 

— Turn-by-Turn bearings 

— 3D street see 

— Customizable street perception 

— Average and greatest speed figuring 

— Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) count 

— Exact speed count by methods for accelerometer 

— Save courses to drive them later, disconnected 

— Track the course when driving it 

— Share courses and results with your companions (Facebook, Twitter) 

— Check for different clients courses close-by 

— Use Hudway for race rivalries — assemble courses and contend with your companions. Make it to Top 10 Leaderboard! 

— Distance in miles/kilometers, meters/feet/yards 

When you've manufactured the course with Hudway, put your telephone on a dashboard. The street plots are currently considered your windshield, and the separation to the following significant bend, and your vehicle speed — all exact and continuous. 

Proficient Voice Assistant cautions you on the approaching street twists, so you know precisely when to back off and accelerate. 

Note or Requirment of HUDWAY GO:

If you confront any issues or discover any bugs, please email us at or report the bug appropriate from the app. 

We appreciate your input! Consideration! 

When driving, ensure that your cell phone or tablet is all around settled in some mount or on some sticky cushion, and doesn't keep you from plainly observing the street. Proceeded with utilization of GPS running out of sight can significantly diminish battery life. In the event that you need to utilize HUD amid a day-time — there is an uncommon adornment HUDWAY Glass:

Posted on: 2017-12-10 19:53:35
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