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In a large city, the Liveradar is particularly interesting: Who is within a radius of 700 meters in search of contacts? What happens within 2 kilometers? The variably adjustable function in Lovoo (pronounced "Lavu") indicates it.

Lovoo - Features of the dating app

First of all, we have compiled information about the flirting app for beginners:

  • How does Lovoo work? Chat and flirt with radar


The Liveradar is probably the most interesting of the Lovoo features - at least for curious people. Only the display of datewilligen contacts would however be quite unsatisfactory. How to use the app:

And this is 
how you proceed , after you have downloaded Lovoo: Firstly create a personal profile . Pictures are of course particularly important. We'll give you tips for the perfect profile photo . In addition you describe in a few keywords: size, appearance, (non) smoker, interests etc. and also a  Facebook connection is possible, but not mandatory.  Many are likely to see this as a great advantage over the dating app Tinder. But there could be more fake accounts than with the competition.

Another way to find contacts is to use the Match function . Here you can click through a slideshow of profile pictures and indicate whether you are interested in a contact with the respective person or not. If you only want to use the matching function, you can go back to an own app from the Dresden developer:  Voo for iPhone *About the Liveradar you can now find people around. A filter is used to search for guys or girls looking for boys or girls, as well as an age range. And if nothing is to be found in the vicinity, the Liveradar can be moved to another district.and Voo for Android. So the portal is a kind of  Tinder alternative . For Lovoo and Voo you use the same login.

Financing and costs of Lovoo

Dating service and app are free download - how does Lovoo fund? Additional features like "Who has visited my profile?" Are only available as VIP users or against credits . They can be "worked out" or purchased ( in-app purchase ). And since the person is curious, the Dresdner entrepreneur seems to make quite good sales ...

In the fall of 2015, the company was accused of boosting sales with fake profiles: with automatically generated people and matches, customers were supposed to have been tempted to pay for actions. The company, however, denied the allegations and there was no reliable proof. The potential fake profiles are now missing.


Conclusion for the Flirt-App Lovoo

Lovoo not only provides contacts via a classic match function, but also a high-powered ambient radar. Overall, the apps in the App Stores get many very good reviews. In the dating market, however, there are numerous alternatives to Lovoo .

If you want to collect your own Lovoo experiences and find new contacts near you in a very superficial way, Lovoo is a must. The suspicion of fraud leaves a somewhat bland aftertaste.


Posted on: 2018-01-16 20:01:22
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