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Name: Link2SD Plus Developer: Bulent Akpinar Category: Tools
Version: 4.5 Updated: 2018-01-17 15:54:10 Downloads: 37

Older or cheaper Android devices often have the problem that their internal storage space is simply too low. Quickly this is occupied after the installation of different applications. The problem here is that older versions of Android (before Android 4.0 / Ice Cream Sandwich) do not support moving data from internal memory to an SD card. Fortunately, there is a remedy. Thanks to the Link2SD app , even owners of a device running Android 2.0 and above can easily move data from one location to another.

Note: Most of the features of Link2SD require root access to your device . In addition, you can partition the SD card beforehand if you do not want to use the full storage capacity for Link2SD plus.

Link2SD Plus: Features

  • App Manager
  • Links for apk, dex, and lib files from selected applications can be created and removed
  • Optional: newly installed apps can be linked automatically
  • Any user app can be moved to an SD card, even if the app itself does not support it ("Force Move" for Android 2.2 and higher)
  • Displays the apps that can be natively moved to an SD card via app2sd
  • A pre-set installation path for apps can be selected (automatic, internal, external)
  • Batch Processing: Link, Unlink, Reinstallation, Uninstall, "move to SD" and "move to phone"
  • Notification when installing a relocatable app
  • System applications (bloatware) can be uninstalled
  • System and user applications can be "frozen"
  • System apps can be turned into user apps, and vice versa
  • Updated system apps can be integrated into the system (ROM)
  • Data and caches of applications can be cleaned up
  • Clean all app caches at once (1-click cache cleaner, no root needed)
  • Clean up cache widget (1-click cache cleaner, no root needed)
  • Notification when the total cache size exceeds a specific size
  • List of apps and detailed information about their size and link status
  • Many sorting and filtering functions
  • Search for application name
  • Display of the available memory space of the internal memory, the SD card and the 2nd partition of the SD card
  • App links can be shared
  • More than 35 languages ??are supported 
Posted on: 2018-01-17 15:54:10
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