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Name: Loopsie Cinema graph, Living Photo Developer: GameLounge Category: Photography
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Loopsie is an application that will allow us to create photographs with moving parts and save them in GIF format. Its operation is as simple as focusing the camera of our Android device and pressing the button for a few seconds. After this we will only have to 'draw' with our finger the parts we want to make mobile. In a few seconds we will have our 'loopsie' finished and we can share it through any social network that we have installed in GIF format. 

The cinemagraphs or photos with movement are a very simple and spectacular way to transmit life from a static image. Perhaps they are complicated to explain, but a picture is enough to prove what they are capable of. Look at the bottom update of Instagram and tell me: do you want to get it easily with your smartphone? Well, the new application that I propose makes it easier for you.

Loopsie is a simple app that turns your mobile into a recording camera of cinemagraphs. The application itself has no mystery, so you'll be creating moving images before you know it. The effects are spectacular.

Loopsie, animate any area of ??the photo

It is an animated Gif, a small video clip and a static image, the cinemagraph unites all this. The best part is that the quality of the piece depends on your imagination: Loopsie gives you the necessary tools to get what you want . And in a few simple steps.

Like the video interface on Instagram, Loopsie has a button that, by pressing it, retains a few seconds of video . Once the sequence is recorded, we will have two buttons: one to create animation and another to eliminate it. Draw the moving area with your finger and, once shared, the entire photo will remain static except for the outline you have made.


The application is simple, although somewhat limited. Create all the cinemagraphs you want, but Loopsie will insert a small watermark . If you want to eliminate it you can do it with an in-app purchase of 1.89 euros.

Loopsie is a fun application, thanks to which we can make mobile photos in a matter of seconds. Of course, we will need to have a very good pulse if we want the GIF to have an acceptable quality, since otherwise there will be too many moving parts.

Posted on: 2018-01-18 10:13:20
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