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Name: Naughty games Developer: erdbär GmbH Frech Friends Category: Education
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Oh how beautiful! " Naughty games app for kids " now has its own children's app - an absolutely free learning and fun game for iPad and iPhone without in-app purchases. What games the app contains and what the children can learn with the Frechen friends , we now tell you in our review.
Fruity gathering
No less fruity is the third game of Frechen Friends , where fruit and vegetables are pelting from the sky and the children have to be collected quickly. As the game speed increases from round to round and the children are only allowed to collect fruits of a certain color group, the game is a good concentration exercise.

Naughty games app for kids - Our Conclusion:

The Freche games app gets a clear download recommendation from us: The fruity game collection is educational, fun and free - and thus a great App Store Dauergeschenk der Frechen Freund e. With a lot of fun, the children learn to write all the letters of the alphabets and also know 26 fruit and vegetable varieties. With the iPad & iPhone camera, the kids can also shoot a selfie with their favorite fruit - a feature that we had not even mentioned. For parents it is worth taking a look into the protected parent area, where the game time can be limited - class!

Feature plus:

(+) 3 Learning and fun games with funny Kulleraugen figures 
(+) Alphabet and new fruit varieties 
(+) Permanent free of charge without in-app purchases 
(+) Parents area with optional game limiter 
(+) Each fruit has its own voice
Improvement request:
(-) String sequence with letter "E" and "F" rather unusual
Posted on: 2018-01-18 03:16:32
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