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Name: Nova Launcher Developer: TeslaCoil Software Category: 29
Version: 3.0 Updated: 2017-11-17 07:58:18 Downloads: 19


Without Nova Launcher, no Launcher overview is complete. Teslacoil is always at the forefront when Google introduces new features in Android. Especially in the beta channel of the NovaLaunchers you get the whole new animations, icon formats and so on especially early. That comforts at least cosmetically beyond the fact how terribly broken the system of Android updates is. The Prime version costs € 5.25 extra. Backups and icon packs are self-supporting.

Nova Launcher: And what else can he do?

The functions described above are, as mentioned, only the innovations. In addition, this launcher provides numerous ways to change the look and feel of your operating system. This allows you to exchange icons, customize the app drawer and scrolling behavior, create multiple scrollable docs, import layouts from other launchers, and much more. Free is the whole thing as well.


If these functions are not enough or if you want to support the developers, you can also go to the

Feautures of Nova Luncher

  • More flexible layouts
  • Support for dynamic calendar icons (eg TodayCalendar and other icon themes)
  • New color options for icon labels, folder backgrounds, app drawer tabs and the background
  • Drawer Tab in color block style with individual colors for each tab
  • Backup and recovery using Android KitKats Document Provider (also supports an external microSD card and Google Drive
  • Support for full widgets in the dock
Posted on: 2017-11-17 07:58:18
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