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Version: 2.5 Updated: 2018-01-17 19:58:42 Downloads: 32

Presenting ViPER4Android.. The best and a must have music enhancement app for your Android device.. Forget about about stock equalizer or dfx manager, Guru of all music enhancement is here..WARNING: ROOT REQUIRED !!!

Q: What is ViPER4Android?

A: ViPER4Android is an Audio/Sound enhancement App for Android. This will completely change your listening experience with adjustments available from basic/beginner to expert level.

Q: Basic OS & other requirements for installation of ViPER4Android?

A: ViPER4Android needs ROOT access in order to install audio driver. Once you've granted ROOT access to ViPER, you may choose from Battery Saving to Super Audio Quality driver (requires at least dual-core processor).
There are two Android APK packages included for installation 2.x.x and 4.x.x.
Select 2.x.x.apk if you're running on GB (Ginger Bread 2.3.x) or Choose 4.x.x.apk if you're running any version of Android from ICS (4.0.x) to JellyBean (4.1.2 - 4.3) or KitKat (4.4.x).
Viper4Android is a Free Application posted in Xda blog to see Viper4Android in Xda developers blog. I found this Application from Xda Forum.
The problem here is that you can't Set a good Equaliser For the first time. When i used this first time i have faced a lot a struggle to experience good music quality. So here i am writing my personal Experience. There are few simple steps you need to follow.
So, Without Wasting time Lets get Start-----

Steps of Viper4Android:

  1. First of all your Android Device should be Rooted, If you dont know what is Root means, Please google it there are number of links are there to explain, as i dont want to waste my time on that.
  2. If you have a rooted android device just go ahead and download the official Viper4Android application. click here to download the Android Application (Download Viper4android FX).
  3. Now install the Android Application and open it.
  4. click on your Viper4Android settings or click on your left smart button of your phone just beside your home button. Click on UI setting and Choose Expert.
  5. V4A-FX power on -(tick)
  6. Next, Convolver is Enabled- (tick). Click on impluse Responcce. 
  7. Next, Enable Viper Bass-(tick), Select bass mode - Natural
  8. select bass frequence -60Mz.
  9. Select Bass Boost -10.0db.
  10. Enable Viper Clarity.
  11. select clarity mode- Ozone+, select clarity-10.0db
  12. Auditory System protection - enable(tick).
  13. select binaural level- moderate.
Posted on: 2018-01-17 19:58:42
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