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WhatsApp is one of the most popular and successful apps for Android smartphones. The messenger is used to send messages, photos and other files. In our app concept, we call the features, the download link, tips, prizes and alternatives to WhatsApp for Android. The whatsapp program is available for many platforms, but in this case it's the popular Android operating system.

Features of the WhatsApp messenger for Android

The WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging software: we can send messages, photos, and files to other users. The communication between the contacts is represented chronologically in small speech bubbles. A chat can be conducted with a single person, but also with several - see groups and broadcast lists in WhatsApp .
If the application is not open, the smartphone owner is informed of new messages by push notification of his device. If there is no Internet connection, the provider saves the data and subsequently allocates it.
A telephone function, " WhatsApp Calls ", allows you to call other users. There are no additional costs. Some mobile operators prohibit Internet telephony, and the function can not be used.
The WhatsApp features are cross-platform, since the messenger is also available for other  operating systems (see for example  WhatsApp for iPhone ). The focus is on the mobile platforms. For desktop computers, there is a web app , which however requires a smartphone. Otherwise, the use of a second user account and additional Sim card is possible via detours (see eg WhatsApp on the Mac  or WhatsApp on the Windows PC ).
The data is sent and received over the Internet. An Internet connection via WLAN or mobile radio  is therefore a prerequisite for the use.
WhatsApp free of charge, without annual fee
As I said, the download of WhatsApp is free. Also the sending of the messages and files is free, the same applies for telephone calls, etc. However, the messenger needs for the data traffic naturally volume of the mobile phone or fixed net tariff.
The annual fee of 0.99 euros was abolished in 2016. On January 18, 2016, the company founder Jan Koum announced that they were completely leaving the payment model for private customers . Instead, the service would be financed by third-party services - for example, in the case of a reservation in the restaurant. The app will continue to  remain free of advertising , according to Koum.

Review of WhatsApp

The financing just mentioned is a stumbling block for some users - the annual fee was better. Further criticisms of the messenger:
WhatsApp for Android accesses the smartphone address book and displays the contacts that use the service. For the initial registration, the mobile phone number is therefore required. Some find this questionable, on the other hand it makes a tedious manual linking unnecessary.
Since summer 2016, WhatsApp is officially part of the Facebook group, after the Messenger has been bought up two years before by the social network. There was a strong resistance to the plan to reconcile the accounts between the two services. With a rejection in the conditions of use this could be prevented.
Posted on: 2017-12-11 18:40:03
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