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Xposed Framework app replaces the Android framework and brings a whole host of new features to your Android smartphone. The special feature of the mod is that no custom ROM on the smartphone must be present, or other profound changes in the system are necessary to use this. However, the smartphone that you want to use Xposed Framework needs to be rooted, but it does. For the App runs in principle on all smartphones. For the Xposed Framework there is an official update from the developer rovo89. A whole range of bugs and defects have been resolved with the new version, in addition, builds were published for devices with arm64 and x86 processors. While the update of the framework for Android 5.1 Lollipop still takes some time, the developer currently has no intention to run the framework under the Android MDeveloper Preview. The current version of the Xposed installer and the framework itself are available for download.The modules for the framework, which must first be installed in order to add the corresponding functions, are not all executable on any smartphone. Here you have to pay attention to the corresponding manufacturer's instructions. By the way, you can download the modules for Xposed framework installer free download apk directly from the program.

The modules for the Xposed Instraller Framework


Of course, not all of them can be described here with the multitude of functions that you can add to the Xposed framework APK Download  via the modules of your Android smartphone. For example, with the App Settings module, you can set the size of app windows individually so that each app can be customized to suit your smartphone's screen. With GravityBox you get a whole bundle of additional tools. Among other things, the module contains various performance optimization tweaks and you can modify the lockscreen and customize navigation and status bar. In turn, the Theme Engine module provides you with a whole range of different themes that you can implement as you like.

The Xposed framework APK Download remains the tool of choice for many users when it comes to making radical adjustments to their smartphone firmware. This is particularly relevant for users whose smartphones are hardly custom ROMs or who are simply satisfied with the already pre-installed software, but perhaps want to use one or the other tweak. The developer of the framework, rovo89, has released a new version of the framework. Although the official support for devices under Android 5.1 Lollipop is still missing, but there are a number of improvements in the form of bug fixes. In addition, there is still an unofficial way for impatient owners of a 5.1 Lollipop deviceto use the Xposed framework, to which rovo89 also refers.

The update is also accompanied by a new nomenclature: The framework, provided in the form of a ZIP file, is provided with integer version numbers according to the Xposed API version, whereas the APK files for the Xposed installer are named as usual. The Xposed Installer acts as an interface to the framework that manages previously installed modules and downloads new modules; the framework carries the number 65 in the current version, the installer has been released in the version 3.0 Alpha 3.

Xposed Instraller Framework for Android


According to rovo89, there will be no work on the Xposed Framework for Android M for the time being, since the AOSP tag for the Developer Preview is a pure placeholder; a development based on this would therefore make little sense. Instead, the developer focuses on working on Xposed for Android 5.x Lollipop, also for devices with arm64 and even x86 processors rovo89 has released alpha versions of the  Xposed framework APK Download .


Posted on: 2017-12-11 13:33:45
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