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Backgammon is a successful online variant of the popular anonymous board game classic.
Backgammon is a dice board game for two players. You and your opponent alternate with each turn. Both players have at the beginning 15 games - one the blacks, the other the whites. Now it is necessary to use the stones to use the stones of the opponent. Whoever first rolled 15 stones from the field wins. To achieve this, you first have to draw your own stones into the so-called Home-Board (also called inner court). Only then can you use the cubes to remove your stones from the playing field.
The goal of Backgammon is to play as fast as possible all your playing cards. During the game it depends on the right tactics and you have to turn around to make your opponent as difficult as possible to remove his own game pieces. The player who was the first to take all the stones from the game board wins the game.
The download is almost 53 megabytes in size. The second game contains the two board game classic chess and backgammon . Various modern and classic figures and board motifs in 2D and 3D are available in addition to three game consoles. Classic games and chess pieces are also available in the almost 83 megabyte download. 
Posted on: 2017-11-08 16:00:54
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