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Name: Bored Button Developer: GabbleStudios Category: Puzzle
Version: 1.5.2 Updated: 2018-01-16 20:10:41 Downloads: 2


BoredButton is an application in which we will find dozens of games. The only thing we will have to do to start having fun is to press the red button. As soon as we press the button, a game will be loaded. And if we do not like a game, we will only have to press the button again to load a different one. 

Each of the games included in BoredButton is different. We'll find some skill games, other puzzle games, other platform games, other car games, et cetera. Each time we press the red button we will have a completely different experience than the previous one.

So if you click once, shoot a photo. If you click twice, your mum calls you at home or your loved one. In addition, the sequences themselves can make a difference. The command for tapping twice briefly may differ from the command for pressing twice.

Twice and once briefly clicked and you log in at Foursquare! Once short and twice long clicked and you post an Instagram photo! Three times one-quarter long and two-legged a little shorter clicked and the ham-salami pizza ... well, that would perhaps be a bit overdrawn.

The special feature: Anyone who has installed the app can also execute the commands via a normal headphone menu. Excellent! The project was so good that it was already waved through. Currently over $ 200,000 have come together.

BoredButton includes a huge amount of games, which we can enjoy instantly, at the touch of a button. None of the games have particularly good graphics or is particularly deep, but all are entertaining to take a few minutes.

Posted on: 2018-01-16 20:10:41
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