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Name: Bus Simulator 2015 Developer: Ovidiu Pop Category: 14
Version: 1.7 Updated: 2017-12-10 02:57:55 Downloads: 37


Bus simulator 2015 features

  • The bus simulator 2015 includes several realistic replicas of the cities of Rome, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles and others. In addition, you should also bite the seat heating of your bus in icy Alaska
  • Master the routes with 15 different bus types
  • Drive properly, because the damage model has an eye on the bus thrown
  • Intelligent transport system
  • Animated passengers with specific wishes
  • Various weather conditions in outdoor driving mode
  • Detailed interior with button to open / close doors, steering wheel, rocker arm and more
  • Online ranking

Players can choose between between several different control systems: using the accelerometer (tilting the terminal from one side to another to rotate) or touch (touching the screen to turn). In addition, it is possible to play Bus Simulator 2015 using different cameras: cabin view, wide cabin view or remote view. As expected, each of the cities of Bus Simulator 2015 has its own characteristics. Thus, for example, Alaska will offer us a huge frozen wasteland with little traffic; while Los Angeles will provide a much more urban environment and full of other vehicles. As far as game modes are concerned, Bus Simulator 2015 has the career mode in which we can progress through a single player campaign; and the free mode, in which we can choose a bus and a city and start driving without fear. Bus Simulator 2015 is a driving game with a good graphic section and a good amount of content, which despite having defects offers a very entertaining experience. Of course, the gameplay has turned out to be more minimalistic than in the PC version, but this is also due to the possibilities on smartphone and tablet.

It is not the official app to the series of bus simulators from astragon. Apart from astragon, the 2015 version, which has become astonishingly pretty, has thought that they would like to cede the name rights once.


Instead, the bus simulator 2015 or Bus Driving 2015 from Ovidiu Pop , which have already developed other simulations, comes . The game itself is free, but has - in a very logical way - about in-app purchase options.

Posted on: 2017-12-10 02:57:55
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