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Crossy Road: Frogger in Fez-Optik

In addition to the evasion of cars, trucks, trains and other vehicles, Crossy Road has to come across rivers, collect power-ups and escape the attacks of hungry bald eagles.

Crossy Road: Hopper with addiction potential

It was not for nothing that Crossy Road, which was already available for iOS in 2014, was awarded several prizes. The slanting graphic style makes the charm of the Arcade Hopper, which is beautifully shrill and intrusive.

Crossy Road is an arcade inspired by the classic Frogger, in which players will have to try to guide an animal so that it can cross a series of roads full of traffic and other dangers. The mechanics of Crossy Road is very simple: pressing the screen our friendly animal will jump forward, while sliding to one side or another we can move laterally. The goal will be to try to get as far as we can, dodging all the cars, trucks and trains that will cross the roads. Along the way we will not only find dangers, but also some other currency. Thanks to these coins we can acquire new animals with which to try to cross the roads. None of them has special abilities, but there are some very nice ones. One of the great strengths of Crossy Road, in fact, is precisely its charming visual section. With a minimalist and polygone aesthetic, the game manages to offer a beautiful look halfway between the classic Frogger and Minecraft. The game is controlled by moving your chosen character forward, back, and sideways while trying to escape the obstacles. The developers at Hipster Whale, however, have also devised some nasty moments that you should not wait long on one of the various death animation.


Crossy Road is completely free, but offers in-app purchases.

Posted on: 2017-12-05 06:10:22
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