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Mostly, however, it is about eliminating undead hordes with handguns and larger calibers. At Earn to Die, however, the thing looks a little different, because your weapon is a mobile underpowering. And this can be very effective. Besides, it is quite a lot of fun.


Earn to Die: The features

"Damn it! They are everywhere". You are stranded in a desert and surrounded by zombies. Your task: To escape the undead with your mobile undercover. This alone would be a bit boring in the long run, fortunately has Earn to Die something more to offer.

Your first vehicle is a real scrap mill, but it still drives. In the course of the game, you can collect money to purchase upgrades and new vehicles that will help you eliminate the zombie pack. The whole works through a garage that is quite randomly located at your whereabouts. Practically. For destroyed zombies, there is money (logical), which you can invest in your vehicles. The story does not make sense at all, but the whole thing is fun anyway.


  • New and enhanced story mode
  • 8 different vehicles, which can be mopped up and equipped with extremely effective weapons (and must!)
  • The farther you come and the more zombies you flatten, the more money you make
  • Realistic ragdoll physics, so that the zombies also decently fly through the territory
  • Halloween mode (paid version): If you do not want to have zombies, you can get rid of pumpkins
  • Championship Mode: Here you can compete against your friends.

Earn to Die is available in the Play Store as a free Lite version (but also without advertising) and as a chargeable variant (91 cents). The latter offers more levels, more vehicles and even more zombies. In addition, the modes "Halloween" and "Championship" described above. To play and test you can install the Lite version. If you have appetite for more, you can buy the full version directly from the app.


Posted on: 2017-11-09 22:55:15
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