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Name: Frontier Ville Developer: Zynga Category: 14
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"FrontierVille" is a social game for the Facebook network, and is the tradition of such classics as "FarmVille" or "CityVille" that millions of Internet users around the world spend time on. "FrontierVille" now presents the tried and tested construction play principle in Western dress. As a settler, you start to create your own village - initially only with a wagon and some seed in your pocket.

But not only harvest and cattle are important, but also the private life of the cowboy must not be neglected. For example, he can found and provide for a family. In the meantime you have to fight wild animals, and also the neighborhood aid should not be neglected - who knows when you need something. The whole looks very appealing thanks to the colorful graphics, the cute figures and the loving animations. As usual with social games of this kind, one lets itself through the integrated gift system needed objects of friends befriended send. Thus the own structures grow with time.

"FrontierVille" is a good remedy for boredom. Not infrequently, you ask yourself where the time is suddenly - the game principle always offers new possibilities that need to be discovered. Interaction with the Facebook friends is particularly funny, in order to have success together.

Posted on: 2017-12-10 05:26:00
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