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Geometry Dash World is a platform game in two dimensions in which the players will control a square that must reach the end of several levels, avoiding lots of obstacles along the way. 

Each time the task becomes more complicated, and its successful execution begins to depend on the skill of the player. Download Geometry Dash World for free on Android phone or tablet you can on this page.

Features of the game

  • 10 unique stages, which are accompanied by compositions from F-777, Dex Arson, and also Waterflame.
  • Getting rewards for completing quests.
  • The ability to pass custom levels created by members of the Geometry Dash World community.
  • Unblocking individual icons and colors, thanks to which you can customize the hero.
  • Hone your own skills using the practice mode.

Despite some ease of drawing images, graphics in a sense can even be considered amusing. The player will be interested not only in the main character, but also in various items along the way. When faced with them, the hero often turns over. Initially, in Geometry Dash World, the little man will have the shape of a cube. If it encounters a physical object, it immediately breaks down, so the user needs increased attention throughout the level.


Spikes pose a particular danger to all those who touch them. At the same time, periodically there are fake varieties of such objects, which should not be feared at all. Any level of the game provides an opportunity to get coins, but access to them is often difficult. To download Geometry Dash World on Android for free and without registration , click the link in this article.

Our signature grid will always move forward, so our only task will be to make it jump at the right moments to avoid different obstacles. Now, normally these jumps will have to be measured to the millimeter or we will crash and the level will have to be repeated from the beginning. 

In Geometry Dash World we will find more than a dozen different levels, as well as daily challenges and other special events. In addition, we can unlock new colors, new characters, new scenarios and much more.


Posted on: 2017-11-12 18:42:32
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