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In Maya Pyramid * is an online card game that is close to the from Solitaire oriented known gameplay "pyramid". In this game variant, the card pyramids must be formed by marking card groups, which together must always result in the sum 11.
At the beginning of the game there are 42 different cards and a joker. Now it is necessary to highlight map groups which result in a total of 11. Start from the bottom and build the Pyramid of Cards as quickly as possible, preferably without the use of help cards and wild cards, to achieve a high score. Once all the cards of the pyramid are removed, you will enter the next level.
In Maya Pyramid, you always have 4 minutes to complete a level. For each cleared card group you get points that rise again with each new level. If you manage to remove several card groups in succession without using auxiliary cards, there are additional serial points. If all 4 levels have been successfully mastered, you will get a bonus level in which you must now mark coins that also give a total of 11.

Tips and tricks for the game : 

Try to clear as many cards as possible in a series, because that brings many extra points. Use the Joker, for example, just before the end of a round, because it lengthens the turn, brings bonus points and can often be the last card.

Key Features of the game: 

- Hours of entertaining brain training
- Pyramid is a challenging version of “Pyramid” solitaire game
- More than 70 unique levels designs in 28 stages in Adventure mode
- Build your very own Maya Pyramid out of 12 beautiful pyramid blocks
Posted on: 2017-12-09 23:13:04
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