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Sonic Forces presents a completely new adventure of the blue hedgehog in a contemporary look. As usual, you will be able to navigate through the levels at a breathtaking speed, complete enemies, collect rings, or jump into huge jumps. The new Hedgehog 2 engine is used for the first time.

Sonic Forces: Sonic does not get tired


While with Sonic Mania another 2017 Jump and Run will appear with the blue hedgehog race, which is aimed with classic 2D pixel graphics more like the old-school gamers, comes with Sonic Forces, a new jump and run in 3D. This is under the motto "Join the Resistance" and presents itself in contemporary graphics thanks to the new Hedeghog 2 engine .

The first screenshots and trailers reveal a spiritual successor to Sonic Generations. In a first level about, you sprint with Sonic through a city bombed by giant robots and fireballs. It is as fast as usual and you change between different game elements.


You collect rings on different tracks and do enemies on the track with various combos. There are several boosters on the track that will take you to the top speed, so you can jump over miles of abyss. But also with rope slides or simple jumps you overcome obstacles in the game world.

Posted on: 2017-11-09 00:30:33
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